The "Strength of Britain" Memorial, 1916



IT IS HOPED, with the American Memorial for National Prohibition, to parallel similar Memorials in Russia, Great Britain, and elsewhere. The British memorial for National Prohibition During the War and the Six Months of Demobilization has received exceptionally brilliant signature. Among those giving their adhesion are representatives of the Order of Merit, the Privy Council, Parliament, the Army and Navy, the Universities, the Royal Society, great shipping and manufacturing concern, and personalities in science, art, letters, medicine, engineering, diplomacy, and the legal profession. From these hundreds of important names we select the following as typical: [page 2]

Lieut. Gen. Sir R. Baden-Powell

Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Gerard Noel

Mr. Thomas Hardy, the novelist

Sir William Crookes, President of the Royal Society

Sir Horace Plunkett, Privy Councillor

Sir Ronald Ross, K.C.B., the discoverer of the cause of malaria

Sir Hiram Maxim, of Vickers, Maxim and Co. Limited

Sir Alfred Booth, Chairman of the Cunard Steamship Co.

Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge

Admiral Sir Edmund Freemantle

Sir Norman Lockyer, the astronomer

Sir E. Ray Lankester, the zoologist

Prof. Patrick Geddes, the botanist

Dr. Lyttelton, the headmaster of Eton, and the Headmasters of Rugby and Marlborough

Robert Bridges, the Poet Laureate

Rt. Hon. Sir Ernest Satow, former Minister to China

Major Gen. Sir G. Scott Moncrieff

Mr. Hall Caine, the novelist

Mr. Frederick Harrison, D.C.L.

Mr. Austin Dobson, the poet

Sir Wm. Beardmore, shipbuilder

Sir Wm. Osler, Prof. of Medicine, Oxford

Sir John Brunner, Bart., of Brunner, Mond and Co., chemical manufacturers [page 2]

Sir H. H. Johnston, K.C.B., African explorer

Admiral Sir Francis Powell

Admiral Sir Henry Stephenson

General Sir Reginald Hart

Mr. H. G. Wells, the novelist

Sir Edward Schaefer, F.R.S., physiologist, Cambridge University

W. M. Flinders Petrie, F.R.S., Egyptologist

J. Holland Rose, Reader in Modern History, Cambridge

Mr. J. St. Loe Strachey, Editor of the Spectator

Sir R. Godlee, President of the Royal College of Surgeons

Prof. Noel Paton, physiologist, Glasgow University

J. P. Mahaffey, Provost of Trinity College, Dublin

Sir Martin Conway, South American explorer

Major Gen. Sir Ivor Herbert, Bart.

Mr. John Masefield, the poet

Sir Ernest Rutherford, F.R.S., chemist

Spenser Wilkinson, Professor of Military History, Oxford

Dr. Arthur Keith, Hunterian Professor, Royal College of Surgeons

Sir Henry Lewis, Vice-Chancellor of University College, North Wales

Mr. John Gatesworthy [page 4]

Dr. Walter Leaf, banker, Vice-President London Chamber of Commerce

Arthur R. Cushny, F.R.S., Professor of Medicine, London

Dr. Michael Sadler, C.B., Educationalist

Sir Patrick Manson, F.R.S.

Sir George Frampton, the artist

Seymour Lucas, R.A., the artist

Mr. William Archer, dramatic critic

Rt. Hon. Sir John Kennaway, Privy Councillor

Admiral James Startin

Dr. T. F. Roberts, Principal of University College, Wales

Dr. James Seth, Prof. of Philosophy, Glasgow University

Dr. Murdoch Cameron, Prof. of Midwifery, Glasgow University

J. A. Fleming, F.R.S., Professor of Electrical Engineering, London University

Surgeon General Evatt, C.B.

Major General Sir. A. B. Tulloch

Lord Kinnaird

Viscount Mountmorres

J. Estlin Carpenter, Principal Manchester College, Oxford University

C. A. Carus-Wilson, Prof. of Electrical Engineering

C. B. Upton, Prof. of Philosophy, Oxford University

Dr. J. A. McWilliams, F.R.S., Prof. of Physiology, Aberdeen University

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