Jane Addams, "In memory of Alzina Parsons Stevens," February 1901

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In Memory of Alzina Parsons Stevens
President Hull-House Womans Club.
Died at Hull-House June 1900.

As more exposed to suffering and distress
Thence also more alive to tenderness.

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Erected to the memory of Alzina Parsons Stevens

President Hull-House Woman's Club 1889-1901

died at Hull-House June 1901 -

Organized Working ↑First organized↓ Womans ↑Trades↓ Union not – Chicago 1867

Member of First Staff Illinois Factory Inspectors –1893

First Probation Officer of the Juvenile Court of Cook Co 1898

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hands of the city

The larger drama of life the deeper consciousness which is ordinarily [surrounded?] by ordinary happenings

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Social Justice—the justice that we mutually extend to each other [through] life.

[Some] have become real intelligible human & urgent. We can no longer regard them as immutable & divine in origin.

That sense of human responsibility, added to the perception of the sacredness of human life makes such a disaster as this harder to bear than it could have been at any other moment in the worlds history becoming in a [illegible] it by the responsibility [illegible words] [page 5]

What concerns us most today is the moral reactions which is going on within this city—[What course] are we taking for our remorse our [sorrows] [our?] sense of recurrent citizenship.

The triumph of civilization is said to be the sense of ethical responsibility.

The law is the solemn expression of our relations to all, the all embracing truth upon which we are equal.  [page 6]

hands of the city children & teachers


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