Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, April 6, 1902


April 6" 1902

Hotel Chelsea
Atlantic City, N.J.

My dear Alice

Here we are very comfortably established at least a mile from the scene of the fire. I have been speaking every day for more than two weeks -- it is delightful to have a week ahead to loaf in. I met Mr and Mrs Smith in Phila yesterday but we did not come down until this morning.

I had hoped to hear from you during this long trip, but found that Clara & [illegible name] have had a letter [&] that [page 2] you were at least as well as usual. The more I think of the Overbrook & Bryn Mawr plans, the more I think that it might work out very well, you and Marcet might come on next summer to look over the various colleges before she puts in her application, it is after all a matter of a good deal of importance where one sprends so many months as a college course implies.

New York was delightful and I never enjoyed a [page 3] visit there so much as I did this time. John Linn is looking very well, less nervous than I have ever seen him. His service on Palm Sunday was very beautiful. I will not be back until the 12th of April, and am [leery?] to go away again so soon to Cal. 

With love to Marcet and yourself -- always your loving sister

Jane Addams