Jane Addams to Paul Underwood Kellogg, September 26, 1916

Hull's Cove Me.
Sept 26" 1916

My dear Mr Kellogg --

I find that I can't write to Mr Rosenwald about the [Lasker] matter -- it comes too soon after our talk on The School of [Civics etc.] but I will back you up if you write him and think that we might have a good chance.

Our little conference in Boston was more or less dependent upon the larger one in N.Y. If that came off, we wouldn't need ours.

I am sending Mrs Mead's letter that you may see how doubtful it is. We would have the Boston one on Oct 7" -- at the Hotel Touraine probably. Perhaps you and Miss Wald can stir up some N.Y. people to come. I do wish we could catch Hamilton Holt.

Faithfully yours J Addams