Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Jane Addams, September 22, 1916


My dear Miss Addams:

I received your letter this morning and have sent out the notices to all members of the Board [today] calling a meeting for Saturday, October the 7th. I was not able to state the hour of the meeting. I have asked all members to let us know at their earliest convenience whether or not they can be present.

Miss Gamble is preparing the financial statement which we will send to you in care of Hotel Touraine in time for the meeting.

Mrs. Thomas is at Lake Geneva this week and I called her up, after I received your letter, to talk about the proposed meeting. It was good to hear her voice for it sounds very much more vigorous than it did when she left. I am sure that when she comes back Monday, she will be feeling quite like a different person.

Miss Dewey came back to the House last week and is very busy with the plans for the evening work. I am to take a course in Business English again. I tried this during the summer and there seemed to be enough interest in it to justify it during the year.

With best wishes, I am

Most sincerely yours,

Office Secretary

Miss Jane Addams,
Bar Harbor, Maine.