Harriet Park Thomas to Esmé Clare Montgomery Stewart, March 29, 1916


March 29th, 1916.

My dear Miss Stewart:

In Miss Addams' absence from the city I am writing in her place to give you the information for which you ask in regard to the New York Headquarters of "The Women's International League."

I believe you are [misinformed] as to our title. The permanent organization, which grew out of the International Congress of Women at The Hague, is known as the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace. As you know, the Headquarters of this Committee are in Amsterdam, 467 Keizersgracht, and Miss Chrystal [Macmillan] is the Secretary.

The Woman's Peace Party has become the Section for America of this Committee. Our National Headquarters are in Chicago, but the New York Branch has an office at 70 Fifth Avenue. The officers are: Miss Crystal Eastman, Vice-Chairman, Miss Carrie H. Creighton, Treasurer, and Miss Anne Moore, Secretary.

I am sending you under separate cover some literature which will explain to you the nature of our organization.

We are very happy to welcome you into the fellowship of the American Section. If you are planning to come west, be sure to visit the Chicago Headquarters. Immediately upon Miss Addams' return, about the first of April, I shall bring your letter to her personal attention.

Sincerely yours,

Miss [Esmé] Stewart,
Sharon, Connecticut.