Jane Addams to David Starr Jordan, June 20, 1916


June 20, 1916

My dear Dr. Jordan: --

I have delayed writing you one week after another, hoping to hear from Mr. Ford. We were pleased with the prospect that you were "going over", but Mr. Ford characteristically fails to make the final arrangements which would insure your going.

Mrs. Holt is very much disappointed, as I am. The United States is now represented in the organization by Mr. Aked and Miss Balch. Have you seen Mr. Lochner's latest report? If not, may I send you mine. It sounds as if affairs were going very much better. Madame Schwimmer has left Stockholm and in many ways the Conference is "shaking down".

I shall be at Hulls Cove, Maine, which is just a few [page 2] miles out of Bar Harbor, and a letter addressed to me at either place will reach me. I shall be very glad to send you Mr. Lochner's material if you have not had it.

With cordial greetings to Mrs. Jordan, I am

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Dr. David Starr Jordan
Palo Alto, California.