Rosika Schwimmer to Jane Addams, August 10, 1916


Chicago, 562. Oakwood Boulevard, 10. [August] 1916.

Dear Miss Addams,

When I cabled you that I wanted to see you together with Miss Balch I thought you were in Chicago, and I might see you after my visit to Detroit. On arrival in New York Saturday July 29th I got your kind letter inviting me to see you Monday in Bar Harbor. But since my duty here was to attempt to see Mr Ford, I did not dare to waste time and went on straightway. After three days and a half watchful waiting during which time I sent Mr. Ford the [enclosed] letters, I left for Chicago and tried in [vain] to raise the ten thousand dollars which I ought to have cabled immediately to Europe. I enclose a brief statement of our case, which I sent [today] to Mr. Pipp, the Editor of the Detroit News, whose office Mr. Ford visits from time to time. This letter may or may not reach him. Anyway it will give you an idea of things. I know Miss Balch has brought you an enthusiastic [account] of the wonderful doings but I know also that these doings are wonderful only in the eyes of those who have been fooled, like Miss Balch. And the reason why I wanted to see Miss Balch in your presence was, that remembering old times I wanted to prove to her before you how she had lent herself to spoil the wonderful opportunities.

It was not for my sake that I wanted to meet her. The new Committee sent you a special message through me, which I hope to bring you personally, as soon as I am through here. I will wire when I will [know] I can come, and if my visit is inconvenient for you, then will you, please, let me know immediately.

Looking forward to seeing you, I am

devotedly yours

Rosika Schwimmer [signed]

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