Albert M. Kales to Jane Addams, September 26, 1904


September 26th, 1904.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hotel Loraine, Linden Boul. and Grand Ave.,
St. Louis, Mo.

My dear Miss Addams:-

The last meeting of the Executive Committee of the City Homes Association was informal, there being no quorum. There were present, however, Mr. Fargo, Mr. Bigelow and myself, regular members of the committee; also Mr. [Robins] and Mr. Ball. A suggestion that the City Homes Association might be able to do something in regard to securing all or part of some exhibit dealing with conditions in which the association is interested was made. I was directed to say to you that if you could report upon any opportunity of this sort we would make an effort to have the [page 2] Executive Committee take action upon it at once.

It was supposed that I would convey this message to you orally, since I was then intending to be in St. Louis by today, but I have been prevented from going.

Very truly yours,

 Albert W. Kales [signed]