Benjamin de Jong van Beek en Donk to Jane Addams, May 11, 1916



May 11th 1916

Dear Miss ADDAMS,

We heard with pleasure, that you are willing to become a member of Committee of our Central [Organization]. We hope you will soon receive the questionary of the President of your Committee: Baron [d'Adelsward]. You will find enclosed a list of the members of your committee, and also a list of the reports which have already been published. Sometime ago we sent you such a list, but with regard to the unreliability of postal communications, we send you another. We hope soon to be able, to send you the papers, concerning the special study of your committee viz, by Mr. de Beaufort and Mr. David Starr Jordan. If you care to receive some of the other reports, you might let me know, and I shall have pleasure in [dispatching] them to you by return.

We are very sorry to hear that you are under doctor's care, and send our best wishes for an early recovery.

Faithfully yours

B. de Jong van Beek en Donk [signed]
Hon. Secretary.