David Starr Jordan to Jane Addams, February 2, 1916


February 2, 1916.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House, 800 South [Halsted] St.,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Miss Addams:

I have your kind letter of January 27th. I am very sorry indeed that your illness continues. If you go to Southern California, you must by all means visit the friendliest hotel in the world, the Mission Inn at Riverside, kept by one of my most strenuous disciples, Frank A. Miller.

I am getting ready for the Berne Conference, though it may be impossible to get over, a matter we ought to ascertain before leaving.

Mr. Bryan cannot do anything in a month in Europe, and I believe that nobody can do anything whatever with Mr. Aked. If anything is done in the way of mediation, I am sure that it should represent the very best people available and should be without any limelight or band music. Unless Colonel House is able to accomplish something, which I believe may be possible, the whole mediation scheme is spoiled by its methods and especially by its haste, although Mr. Aked does not seem to be showing any unseemly haste now that he is in Europe. I am sorry also to hear of Mr. Ford's illness.

I hope that the fates will permit you to go to Europe on the same ship with Mrs. Jordan and myself. But in Southern California you must not fail to make yourself known to Mr. Miller, and so I send you a letter.

Sincerely yours,