Edward Thomas Devine to Jane Addams, January 11, 1916

The New York School of Philanthropy

Jan 11th 1916.

My Dear Friend Miss Addams:

Mrs Kelley has told me in confidence of the doctor's diagnosis and I am too overwhelmed to <know> what to think. When Dr [Laudouze] examined my daughter in Paris in 1910, he said in reply to my direct question "Mon dieu Tuberculosis is a big word & I won't use it." She was a little girl and growing fast & -- so far at least we have not had to use it. We grown ups are not [page 2] afraid of big words -- even if they stagger us for a moment, but that you should have to change your manner of life, your occupations, perhaps even your residence for a few years -- even that is disturbing -- but you will do it won't you? As a layman -- who has had to help two or three people decide -- I believe that there is some virtue in climate, elevation, purity & atmosphere, [page 3] remoteness from S. Halsted Street & even in a certain specific healing quality in the atmosphere of places like New Mexico. We will come to see you where you are -- if it is on the [Fayerweather] range -- so do not think it necessary to stay where we are -- where people are. We will listen to you wherever you are -- so do not think it necessary to go to The Hague or on political platforms -- [page 4] you see you are too precious to risk -- too necessary to peace, woman, democracy, America -- & all else we are fighting for. With your vigor & with the knowledge & resources we have gained in thirty years you will throw it off & die of old age -- unless we conquer the last enemy meanwhile but you must plan for it.

Don't [expose] yourself dear daughter of man as I called you one time -- the only time I ever came near telling you where you belong in my [page 5] affection & admiration.

Health and long life -- happiness -- the success of all your dearest hopes -- the last will come "by the wayside" if you are willing to pay the price of the others.

Don't write any answer, I am the farthest from wanting to add to your burdens just now.

Yours always

Edward T. Devine

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