Harriet Park Thomas to Caroline Bartlett Crane, January 28, 1916


My dear Dr. Crane:

Miss Addams has asked me to write and tell you of her very great appreciation of your article in "The Progressive Herald", which someone sent to her. She and I have read it with very great interest and we think that you have shown more insight and understanding than anyone who has written on the subject of the Ford Peace Ship.

We should like so much to have a few copies of that number of the "Progressive Herald" for our office, if you can arrange to have them sent to us. We shall be very glad to pay for them if it involves any expense.

You have so much influence that we are a little dismayed to find that you seem to be for Preparedness. I am enclosing some copies of our New Constitution and the Congressional Program, adopted at the Annual Meeting in Washington, with a general letter which I have sent out to the State Chairmen.

You see we are also in favor of reasonable Preparedness for defense and we hope soon to enter upon an aggressive campaign for a practical preparedness, but would see infinite peril to this country and to others in the extravagant program which is now [being] advocated for army and navy increase.

Miss Addams asks to be cordially remembered to you. She is going within a week to California for an enforced rest. Her condition is serious, but we do not consider it absolutely alarming. The physician's verdict is tuberculosis of the kidney with additional tubercular "foci" in the system.

Sincerely yours,

Reverend Caroline Bartlett Crane,
Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Post Office Box 503.

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