Jane Addams et al. to Booker T. Washington, December 7, 1912

American Association for Labor Legislation

131 East 23d St. New York City, Dec. 7, 1912

Dear Mr. Washington:-

May we have one moment of your attention?

35,000 killed annually by industry,
500,00 maimed and wounded,
3,000,000 cases of industrual illness, and an incalculable accompaniment of privation.

That is the conservative estimate of the misery endured by workers -- much of it PREVENTABLE.

You doubtless know how we abolished "Phossy Jaw'. This year we aim to protect workers from danger of Lead Poisoning -- another unnecessary affliction.

Such diseases can be wiped out. That is encouraging. Then they must be. That is imperative.

But to do it means hard work, united work. Will you not help us? We need the [cooperation] of all large-hearted, far-seeing men and women.

Our other immediate plans are to secure better factory sanitation, the extension of the workmen's compensation principle to include industrial diseases, and one day's rest in seven for all workers.

Will you not join in this work of prevention? Membership fee is only $3, including subscription to the American Labor Legislation Review which will tell you all about it.

Sincerely yours,
Jane Addams [signed]
Irving Fisher [signed]
Samuel McCune Lindsay [signed]
Membership Committee

John B. Andrews [signed]

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