Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, November 10, 1915


November 10, 1915.

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams:

By today's mail I am sending you one of the first copies of the annual statement by the editors to reach us from the printers. These will go out to all Survey readers with the issue of November 13.

As a member of the Board of Directors of Survey Associates, you are already informed of the outcome of the publication year (1914-15); and of our high hopes that "starting at bed rock -- if you will -- we can set The Survey on the up-grade again."

I am eager to have your help in placing, say, five copies of the report in the hands of people who might [catch] something of our working conception and respond to it -- the essence of the thing which prompts not only contributions of money but [amazing] gifts of time and effort by writers, investigators and voluntary editors. The times have been hard not only for The Survey but for many of its well wishers, and last year we lost something like $2500 in large contributions. As an offset we enlisted two new $500 contributors, nine additional contributors at $100, four at $50, sixteen at $25 and of [cooperating] subscribers at $10, 41 more than the year before. While we are not attempting to increase our educational fund the current year, we shall very possibly be faced with the necessity of securing similar offsets from new sources. And to use a military phrase, we are anxious to "consolidate our position" at the very start when purposeful investment will count for most.

The fall and winter months are, of course, the heavy ones for us, both in the matter of news content and in extending circulation. If we are crippled in either direction in these months, the whole year is [misinvested] and [misspent]. If we put into them in both these directions the resources and energy which past experience shows can be productive, we can give creative impulse to the whole enterprise.

While this is true of every year, it is doubly true of a year and of a quarter when it hangs in the balance whether we are able to turn a period of decreasing returns into a new season of growth.

Suggestions from you would be especially welcome just at this [page 2] time as to now to make the work of staff and magazine more effective. If you can place the report in good hands, or can let me know the names of people to write to, or to call upon in person, I should thoroughly appreciate it.


P.S. Acknowledgment of annual [cooperating] subscriptions for 1914-15 is made on page 23, and I scarcely need add my personal appreciation of the fact that your name is in the roster.

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