Secretary to Jane Addams to James Dana Bell, March 31, 1915


March 31, 1915.

Mr. J. D. Bell,
Central National Bank Bldg.,
St. Petersburg, Florida.

My dear Sir:-

When your letter came Miss Addams was in the east, and after her return was greatly absorbed by the illness and death of her sister. She is just now taking up the correspondence which accumulated in this interval.

She requests me to say to you, that so far as she knows, the League to Limit Armaments is not an organization which one can join, but is [constituted] of an Executive Committee and a Publicity Department.

She suggests that if you are not already a member of the American Peace Society that you join this body directly. The address is -- Colorado Building, Washington, D.C. Membership in this Society entitles you to receive the Advocate of Peace, published monthly.

Sincerely yours,

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