William Lyon Mackenzie King to Jane Addams, 1916


My dear Miss Addams:

I have learned that Miss Elise Richards, formerly of Denver but at present, I understand, residing with her mother, Mrs. Bartlett Richards, in Chicago, is thinking of engaging in social settlement work.

Having the pleasure of knowing both Miss Richards and her mother, I am writing to you to say that should Miss Richards desire to become a resident of Hull House, I think she would be a real acquisition. She has all the qualities of training and temperament which would make her a most helpful and congenial co-worker. It would afford me real pleasure to learn that she had decided upon Hull House, and that it had been possible for her to take up residence there. I should feel the association was certain to be mutually beneficial.

I hope you are keeping well. It is now many years since I have had the pleasure of seeing you or having a talk with you. [page 2] I never cease, however, to recall with pride as well as pleasure my all too brief association with Hull House, and the friendship I have been privileged to enjoy with you since the time I first made your acquaintance at a Toronto convention during my undergraduate days.

With kindest remembrances and all good wishes.

Believe me, as always,
Dear Miss Addams,
Yours very sincerely,
Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

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