Chicago's School of Social Service Administration, May 14, 1921



TO THE EDITOR: As one of the trustees of the old Chicago School of Civics with a continuing interest in its development under University of Chicago auspices as the University's new School of Social Service Administration, may I call to the attention of your readers the fact that the school at the university is continuing to carry on the old policies of the school which were; in the opinion of those of us who were social workers as well as trustees, so well devised to meet the exigent demands of the social field. I have in mind particularly at the moment two things:

1. The enlarged resources available under the new scheme for scholarships and fellowships for promising young men and [page 2] women graduating from college who wish a serious course of training before going into social work. This method of assisting able young persons to become properly trained social workers is one of our old policies which I felt had long ago demonstrated its usefulness, and it is a satisfaction to know that larger rather than smaller funds are now available for this purpose.

2. The offer of a summer session with credit courses given by the regular members of the staff. The university summer session this year from June 20 to September 2 is divided into two terms as under the old School of Civics arrangement so that students may spend either the whole or part of the summer here. As in former years those students who are able to make the daily trip from the West to the South Side will be welcome as residents of Hull House during the summer quarter so far as our space permits.

I am venturing to call your attention to this lest owing to the changes which have taken place, there should be a misapprehension as to the continuing policies of the school.


Hull House, Chicago.

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