Elizabeth Glendower Evans to Harriet Park Thomas, December 12, 1915

12 Otis Place, Boston.
Dec 2. 1915

Dear Mrs. Thomas:

This mornings paper says that our blessed Miss Addams has a hemorrhage. This I assume will prevent her & you from sailing on the 4th. Dear Saint, I can only love her & long that her way will be made straight. I am one of thousands whose hearts are with her. [page 2]

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth G. Evans

P.S. I wrote Miss Addams last week that I would give $50. a month to the Chicago or the Amsterdam office, as she felt the need to be the more urgent. She answered for me to send the money direct to Amsterdam -- But later in the letter she said that Mr. Ford was giving a large sum of money [page 3] to the International Committee, & that perhaps I had best use the money in other Peace work. Of course we are terribly strapped for money in Mass., but I have been feeling my obligations to [illegible] Miss Addams paramount. Perhaps you will have it on your mind, as Jan. approaches, to find out where Mr. Ford's money doesn't go. Of course he might give millions, & still leave a [page 4] most essential piece of work unfinanced.

E. G. E.