Josephine E. Lyon Hastings to Jane Addams, November 26, 1915

Home on R. D. 1 -- East Liverpool Ohio
Nov 26th 1915 --

My Dear Miss Addams -- Have received your Telegrams -- and I must tell you I am doing like Mary A Livermore said to Horace [Greeley] when he asked her what she would do if she could vote and be called into war -- "Why" she answered "do like you do Mr [Greeley] stay at home and urge others to do the fighting" that was during the Civil War -- and today though interested oh -- so interested -- lips and pen would fail to tell you -- yet all that I can do is to urge others to work for World Peace -- and to stop the carnage that is going on in human life in the old World. I sent all the literature you sent me two weeks ago to Rev. [M Cload] pastor of the 1st Presbyterian Church of East Liverpool and since that time Miss Shonts has been there and at Wellsville both speaking for World Peace -- I live 9 miles out from [page 2] East Liverpool -- 11 or 12 from Wellsville -- live alone am a widow -- 71-years of age -- have no telephone -- am very deaf -- of late years -- My husband was a soldier in the civil war -- left his good right leg on the Battlefield of [Gettysburg] was invalided ever after -- a very -- great care -- Died 16 years ago -- and I receive a pension -- and own my home -- a few acres of land but from it I have no revenue just a place to live is most -- of course I have fruit and garden --

I took to my heart and raised a dear boy baby -- 28 years ago -- 4 years last 16th day of March he passed away in death after a short illness of [abscess] on the brain -- since I have been alone -- He was natures nobleman -- so dear, so good, and I am still so broken -- But with it all I have my work -- and am a connecting wire with all the live movements of the day [page 3] not only for World Peace but for the betterment of all mankind -- I know what war is -- having lived through the strife in our own land -- and my husband never knew a perfect nights rest -- the twitching and suffering he experienced from his wounded limb -- but for other wounds as well. I will write to President Wilson and will try to interest my own pastor Rev. Wilson here of Clarkson Presbyterian Church in the movement for Peace, and the societies in which I have a membership [W.S.A.], W.C.T.U., Lady Maccabees -- and others --Please do not send Telegrams to me as it worries my neighbors very much -- and send me literature as I have none at hand and keep me posted but by letter -- What do you especially write for that I could take and keep myself in touch with you --

Fraternally Mrs. Josephine E. Hastings
R. D. 1 -- East Liverpool Ohio