Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, March 16, 1902


My dear Alice

You have doubtless had my letter in regard to Los Angeles by this time. It is a bad time to be away just as we are moving into our new buildings and I am afraid that I ought not to take other engagements ↑for May.↓ Surely you are coming east this Spring or Summer. I cannot quite make out the tone of your letters -- don't you think we need a face to face talk -- and you know of course why it is almost impossible for me to come to Harry's house -- Why don't you consider Bryn Mawr for Marcet. You know that Clara, Aunt Susan & Cousin Miranda live at the next station but one -- Overbrook -- so that you could perhaps be with them for long visits and be near Marcet. [page 2] I have great confidence in Bryn Mawr for a girl of real scholarly tastes -- the standard of scholarship and of life has always been fine. I start for the East tonight for a three weeks trip. My general address is c/o

The Nurses Settlement
265 Henry St
New York -- N.Y

I haven't time for a longer letter but Laura will write today.  It would be fine if you should decide to go to Los Angeles -- With love to Marcet and yourself always your loving sister Jane Addams

March 16" 1902