Jane Addams to Julia Grace Wales, October 3, 1915

Atlantic City N.J.
Hotel Chelsea

My dear Miss Wales

I think that the original pamphlet improves all the time. I am sorry we didn't have the corrections [for] our last reprint, but I am sure that we will have another addition very soon. I am keeping the two corrected copies you sent me -- Paul Kellogg has one in N.Y and one is in Chicago -- for future use. The [enclosed] one for the "National" standpoint, I am perplexed about. I think that if you cared to send it to Norman Angell or should I send it? in New York, that he might have it published [through] the Union of Democratic Control in England, [although] they are having a hard time.

I expect to leave here in a few days, perhaps you will write me from Chicago. Hastily yours

Jane Addams

Oct 3d 1915

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