Jane M. Style to Jane Addams, June 27, 1915


Address -- Mrs Sydney Style.

June 27th 1915.

Dear Miss Addams

I went to the Landing Stage to see the St Louis off and watched for two hours and then sent my card on board but you could not be found -- as my messenger pronounced your name Miss [Jan-iddams]. I think it possible you did not [page 2] [recognize] it!

I came to ask you if you had any advice to give as to the further steps we should take with regard to permanent peace -- and to beg you to try and find an occasion for speaking in Liverpool before very long. I am sure we [page 3] could find you an audience composed of all sections of Society -- and with a large number of working men and women. I think your help would be invaluable here -- and so I do not [apologize] for the liberty I take in urging you to help us.

After a fairly long life of [page 4] devotion to the principles that must lead to peace the spectacle of Europe [today] makes one turn with eagerness to any possible source of strength and hope.

Yours very sincerely

Jane M. Style.

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