Jane Addams to Rosika Schwimmer, June 26, 1915



My dear Mde Schwimmer

My heart fails me as we start lest I may at the very end be deserting the cause we all have at heart. But we had two very exigent cables in London -- the last one, a few hours after Dr Jacobs came, made us feel that we could not stay on -- I am so sorry that we didn't plan to have Miss Manus, Dr Boissevain or some other Dutch woman -- a neutral -- bring your message to London [page 2] while Dr Jacobs was still there.

I am sure that Miss Marshall, Miss [Macmillan] and Miss Balch could do all I could in London -- and we inferred that the message had to do with London --  They are a wonderful set of women committed to the Congress there in London.

It will really be easier for me to come over again later in the summer, than to stay now. I think you have been so fine through the whole thing, and I do hope you are coming to the U.S.A soon. I find that we have Pres't Wilson in the [page 3] mean time -- we will try our best. I won't go west at once -- the cable had to do with an earlier situation -- and a cable or letter c/o The Survey -- 105. E. 22d St -- will reach me more easily.

[Devotedly yours]

Jane Addams

June 26"

We did not get our tickets until an hour ago, hoping for yet another word from home.