Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett to Jane Addams, June 21, 1915

21st 1915

Dear Miss Addams

I cannot help thinking you should talk to some big folk.

Would you like to see The Queen? She is quite a good sort.

I could write to her -- if you wld do to [page 2] & cld leave your engagements loose enough for her to choose.

Then there is

Lord Haldane

Lord Milner

Lord Grey

Lord Crewe

The Archbishop S

Sir Albert Spicer (dissent)

Dr. Orchard [(dissent)]

Dr. Horton [(dissent)]

Dr. Clifford [(dissent)] [page 3]

All these are my friends & would be grateful to hearken to you -- if I told them -- You will understand that the purpose of your seeing them wld not be so much to report but to inspire them. To me the main thing now is to get England into the right attitude of mind, & when I came home last night I felt so sorry you had wasted your time on me when you cld have told the really influential.

There are the Labour leaders too. Snowden, MacDonald, Burns -- the latter in the cold now but with a very forcible tongue. [Wld?] might as well say your say.

Let me know if I can be of any use. I shall be down near you at 12-15. tomorrow. Love,

H O Barnett