Spirited Speech, April 28, 1915



Miss Jane Addams, the morning of her departure for The Hague peace conference, said:

"Some of our public men have [criticized] this peace conference. Their criticism, however, seems to me worthless, for it is perverted by a bellicose spirit -- like the [litterateur's] after dinner speech, which was perverted by a spirit of another sort.

"This speech ran: 'It's in his wunnerful insight inter 'uman nature that Dickens scores over Thackeray, but on the other hand its in the brilliant shafts o' satire together with a keen sense of humor that Dickery scores over Thackens. My point is this -- Dickery is the humorist and Thackens is the satirist, but after all -- hic -- it's abhurd t' instoot comparisons between Thickeray and Dackens.'"

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