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Thompson lays out the plan for the creation of the National Public Ownership League, which seeks to create public ownership of utilities and resources.

Thompson explains the need for the National Public Ownership League and its goal of public ownership and democratic control over utilities and natural resources.

Thompson asks Pinchot to serve as the temporary president of the National Public Ownership League, which will work to advance public ownership of utilities.

Addams discusses the use of coal at Hull-House.

Macnaghten urges Addams to visit the Shannon Electric Scheme which is being built near Limerick and provides details on how to arrange it.

Prendergast gives Addams permission to visit the Shannon Power Development Works building site.

Prendergast gives Addams a pass to visit the construction site of the Shannon Power Development.

Prendergast approves Addams's visit to the Shannon Power Development.

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