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Addams describes the efforts of Hull-House in a speech to the Sunset Club in Chicago.

Anderson seeks Addams' advice on hiring a new person to take over the Neighborhood House in Louisville, KY. She discusses the function of a settlement and the relationship between religion and settlement work.

Riis writes Addams about a celebration where neighbors and friends gathered and offers news about the Kings Daughters Settlement.

Addams writes Smith about her trip to New Orleans, visiting settlements, and the Sophie Newcomb College, and attending the Methodist Mission Conference.

Bloomfield writes Addams for advice on forming a settlement house in Boston.

Dudley wishes Addams well and asks about positions for a friend.

Metcalf writes to Addams about staffing needs for Lawrence House.
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Addams discusses the challenges facing college women, including the habit of self-preparation, a tendency to make an exception of herself, and the danger that study without action makes a person timid and irresolute. She argues that there is a need to do and to do for others without concern for one's own reputation that makes for good Christian work.

A newspaper report of Addams' speech before the Woman's Club of Bloomington, on the work of the University Social Settlement. Addams provided a history of settlement work and the basic principles at Hull-House.

Wharton writes Addams for suggestions for candidates for a job opening at the Starr Centre.

Wheeler sends Addams a letter from Harry Selfridge and writes about going to Philadelphia.

Lippincott seeks Addam's opinion for a new hire at the Kingsley House.

Wharton informs Addams that they still seek a director for the Starr Centre.

Buckstaff writes Addams for advice on finding a leader for a settlement in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Ely explains to Addams that he will write a series of articles for Harper's Weekly and describes an idea to her for his next article.

Dudley recounts her time in Assisi, Italy, and praises Addams' book, Democracy and Social Ethics.

Pettit writes to Addams about her trip to the Kentucky mountains to visit the mountain schools.

An excerpt of Addams' lecture on how settlement houses give people opportunities to practice arts and crafts, an important activity for immigrants afraid of losing their cultural heritage.

Bolard writes Addams about the possibility of her finding work at a Jewish settlement in Chicago.

Addams writes Ely with suggests for possible candidates to work at a settlement.

Ely writes Addams about publication of an article of his in Harper's Monthly and about an art show that featured Enella Benedict.

Goulder writes to Holmes praising Marion Wallace's work.

Ely asks Addams to help find a job for Rosa M. Perdue at the Charity Organization Society.

Holmes seeks assistance from Addams in securing a position for Marion Wallace at a settlement house.

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