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The International Red Cross reports on the number of Austrian and Hungarian prisoners of war held in Siberia.
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In this narratively rich article in McClure's, Addams reflects on her meeting with Tolstoy in Russia in 1896, on her admiration for his principles, and on her pragmatic approach to good work in the urban, industrial context of Hull-House and its diverse surroundings.

Addams spoke at a meeting of Chicago Russians to hear Madame Katherine Breshkovsky speak on Russian freedom.

Addams relays the food and medical crisis effecting postwar Europe to a audience of medical experts.

Hamilton details the various reactions of women from European countries to Addams' lectures.

Kauser updates Addams on efforts to repatriate prisoners of war still held in Siberia.

Blackwell asks Addams for money on behalf of Catherine Breshkovsky, a Russian exile.

Alley denies allegations that the American government has forestalled the repatriation of prisoners of war in Siberia.

Woods tells Lomonosoff that she can try to arrange a speaking tour for Alexandra Kollantai if she can serve as a Russian delegate to the International Congress of Women.

Thomas tells Dike that she is concerned over the plight of Austria and reports upon the International Women's Conference.
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Addams talks about the settlement as a bulwark against anti-immigrant persecution, using examples of Russian anarchists.