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Wald tells Addams that Francis Carey opposed their Wilson letter and remarks on her recent visit with Addams and the situation in Russia.

Mead asks Addams for feedback on her plan (not found) and the problems between the New York Woman's Peace Party branches.
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Addams discusses the the Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War using Tolstoy's theories, and argues that Russia represents an effort to end rather than start wars.

Czaplicka tells Balch about efforts to establish the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's Polish Section.

Unwin sends Addams materials on the Irish Civil War and urges the American Commission to send people to investigate.

Swanwick offers Addams advice regarding the Irish Civil War and the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

The Association's news bulletin discusses revolution in Mexico, war debts in Germany, the organization of a national student forum, and a treaty between Germany and Poland, resolutions for international peace from the convention of the National League of Women Voters, and limiting the manufacturing of opium.

Carlyle tells Ireland about the American Service Committee's work in Mexico City.

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