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Addams asks Robins to write to the Boards of Health of major cities to find out how they regulate and enforce contagious diseases.

Robins requests information about how New York marks residences with members suffering from infectious diseases.

Addams asks Ball if he is interested in becoming Sanitary Inspector of Chicago.

Addams notes that she has contacted Ball and asks DeForest to telegram details on his qualifications.

Addams telegrams to ask for candidates from Boston to apply for Chicago Sanitary Inspector position.

Addams telegrams a request for candidates to take over the Chicago Sanitary Inspector position.

Addams telegrams for candidates to take over as Chicago Sanitary Inspector.

Robins writes Ainge with suggestions on how to prepare for the examination for the position of Chicago Chief Sanitary Officer.

Hamilton asks for Nestor's help collecting tuberculosis data.
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Addams delivered this address at the Illinois Conference on Charities on October 24, 1905, discussing the lack of interest in learning about recent immigrants and working with them.

Addams discusses the history of suffrage and argues that women in modern, urban societies need the vote.

At a joint meeting of the Consumers League and General Federation of Women's Clubs, Addams argues for the passage of the Heyburn Pure Food Bill in Congress.
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Addams discusses the responsibility of the State for the public health and sanitation and child labor.

Roosevelt writes Fisher about progress made for the involvement of the federal government in public health.

Addams speaks at the American Hospital Association convention and advocates for equal care, regardless of a patient's social or economic status.
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An excerpt from Addams' March 22 speech at Faneuil Hall to the Boston Equal Suffrage Association and the Women's Trade Union League on the changes in women's work brought about by factory work.
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In this address, delivered for the Merrick Lectures, 1907-8, Addams describes the difficulty immigrant women face as they try to assimilate into American life.

Fisher writes about the upcoming conference of State and Territorial Boards of Public Health to discuss pending Senate and House bills affecting public health.

Addams's address to the Conference of Visiting Nurses discusses a program in Chicago that helps keep children in school.

Routzahn thanks Addams for her honest article about the Averbuch incident.
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At the Sixth International Congress on Tuberculosis in Washington, D.C., Addams and Hamilton discuss "Economic Aspects of Tuberculosis" and why people living in poverty are more susceptible to the disease.

Osgood asks Addams to write an article about public health for Charities and the Commons.

Addams discusses the movement for municipal suffrage for women in Chicago, arguing that it will help improve schools, public health, and sanitation.
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Addams argues women's need for the vote so that they can  perform their duties to family and the nation.

Addams praises the work of the National Committee for Mental Hygiene to help those with mental illness.

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