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Addams writes to Wald about the reception of William Dean Howells' plays at Hull-House and about her plans for a trip to California.

Excerpts from Addams' speech on educational opportunities wasted due to discrimination against immigrants.
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Addams discusses the value in the Hull House production of the Ajax in bringing attention to the Greek immigrants in the city.
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Addams discusses the two methods by which Hull-House seeks to expose immigrant communities to greater society: by securing people who form friendships in the community and by providing self-expression to the immigrants.

Barnett asks Addams to help Alice Mary Buckton get her play, Eager Heart, performed in New York.
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Addams explains the difference between opposing child acting as an occupation and a vocation.

Addams writes her sister about travel plans and for the schedule of Marcet Haldeman's play.

Lillie praises Addams on her recent articles in McClure's Magazine.
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Addams gives a praising review of Lovett's play Cowards.

Addams has received clippings from Haldeman. Addams also writes to Haldeman about a family visit.

Addams thanks Haskell for the grant from the Carnegie Endowment for the Trojan Women.
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The Crisis includes Addams' comments alongside others on the "The Clansman," a play which depicts African Americans negatively.

Haussmann asks to meet Addams to read her a play that she hopes will help spread the values of the peace movement in schools.

Addams expresses her gratitude for Ewing and explains why she must reschedule a play for children.

Peabody tells Addams about his wife's anti-war play In the Vanguard and wishes her success in peace work.

Review of the play The Enemy.

A review of "The Enemy," a play by Channing Pollock.

De Rohan reviews Channing Pollock's play The Enemy.

Moore tells Addams that she is sending her play to the International Congress of Women at Dublin, but cannot afford to attend.

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