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Karsten is looking for a pamphlet that Mead needs and will pass it along when she finds it. Karsten has also been working with several librarians who are interested in peace literature.

Gregg tells Addams why he believes that the Hampton University Library School will not set back the cause of desegregation in the library profession.

Maddox asks Addams to donate a set of her books to the Rockford College library.

Addams tells Maddox that she is having books sent to the Rockford College Library and will sign them when she is there next.

Addams tells Maddox that the Carnegie Foundation might be interested in supporting Rockford College.

Addams warns Maddox that books from her library and Emily Balch's will soon arrive at Rockford College.

Maddox updates Addams on plans for housing social and economic books at Rockford College.

Addams tells Maddox that she send five hundred books to help establish Rockford College's sociological library.

Addams tells Marriott that she will donate a collection of her archival materials to Swarthmore College.

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