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An issue of Unity that features articles on the settlement of international disputes, labor in Italy and Germany, and book reviews.

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's Swedish Section calls on women to use their influence for world peace.

The Conference proposes a series of resolutions calling for revision of the peace terms of World War I.

Swanwick drafts the resolutions to be presented to the Hague Women's Conference in December, seeking to revise treaties to insure international peace and cooperation.

Addams argues that international organizations of women will avert future wars.

Addams opened the membership campaign for the National Child Labor Committee in Pittsburgh and spoke to the Western Pennsylvania League of Women Workers on the need

Post explains the issues facing American efforts to bring relief for prisoners of war still held in the Soviet Union.

Woods tells Addams about her efforts to publicize The Hague Conference and her views on the proposed resolutions.

Woods tells Addams that Jeanette Rankin cannot serve as Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Field Secretary and seeks other candidates.

Spencer tells Addams about her trip to Europe and the many meetings she has attended.

Beek en Donk invites Addams to attend the International Conference for the League of Nations.

A broadside advertising Addams' lecture on the League of Nations at the Macauley Theatre in Louisville, KY.

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom issues a call for a meeting to discuss revising World War I treaties to ensure a lasting peace.

Marshall advises Matsch on the composition of Austria's delegation to the League of Nations.