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Darrow writes to Addams about the defense of Abraham Isaak, Julia Mechanic, and other Chicago anarchists in relation to the assassination of President William McKinley.
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Addams gives praise for Judge Tuley's efforts to rule fairly and apply laws progressively.
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Addams praises Judge Tuley for his dedication to the law and evenhanded decisions.
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Addams discusses the role of juvenile courts in encouraging good behavior among the poor and dependent.

Pond explains his client's, Horace Tenney, position in a legal argument concerning Hull-House.

Lathrop informs Lindsey that she and Addams are excited to hear his suggestions on a matter assumed to be about the Juvenile Court Committee.

Lindsey informs Addams that she has been appointed to a committee to establish International Juvenile Court Societies.

Addams writes Wald about meeting Oscar Straus and talks about the importance of the Ostrow case.

Addams updates Ely on the efforts to form a Chicago branch of the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Osgood writes Addams offering to come to Chicago to help stir up enthusiasm for the local branch of the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Osgood writes Addams about plans for a meeting for the Chicago branch of the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Osgood reports to Addams on the progress of meeting plans for the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Someone writing on behalf of Addams informs Osgood that the Chicago branch of the American Association for Labor Legislation will meet in November.
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Addams updates Lathrop on her stay in Maine and offers advice on Lathrop's work with the Juvenile Court in Chicago.

Mee offers a lawyer's perspective on Addams' white slavery article in McClure's Magazine and compliments her grasp of the legislation.
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Addams argues for the right to petition in regard to the Fred Guelzow murder case and the death sentences of the four defendants. She is particularly adamant on behalf of the minor defendant.

Addams writes Persons about the limitations of a new Illinois law to provide aid for poor parents with children.

Lindsey writes Addams to explain a campaign to discredit his work to regulate crime against women.

George W. Perkins discusses the Woodrow Wilson administation and the government's efforts to break the monopoly of the American Telephone Company.

Wallace provides an overview of his plan for compulsory world peace.

Bill from Cronkrite to Marvin for managing Addams' land issue.

Werkheiser writes a pledge that advocates for the safe use of weapons and peaceful sports.

Addams protests the execution by hanging in front of 200 prisoners as savage.

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