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Logan writes Kiefer to defend his universal peace plan against criticism from Herbert Quick.

Catt sends Addams a copy of a letter that Catt sent to Aletta Jacobs about various meetings.

Moriaud announces the founding of the Association for the Safe-guard of International Law in Geneva and explains the need for an international effort to investigate violations of international law.

Addams discusses the issue of who should lead the American delegation to the International Congress of Women.

Catt advises that Rosika Schwimmer should remain as the International Secretary of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance.

Addams's secretary says that Addams regrets that Fuller cannot attend the International Congress of Women at the Hague, and that she is concerned the German and French women might not attend.

Addams asks if the American Peace Society will send representatives to the International Congress of Women at The Hague.

Sewall asks Addams to speak in July for the Panama-Pacific Exposition. She is glad that Addams is going to The Hague.

Bryan introduces Addams to the US Embassy in the Netherlands for her trip to The Hague.

A short note of introduction for Addams to the US Embassy in the Netherlands.

Hobhouse apologizes to Addams for not being able to attend the International Congress of Women at The Hague, but she will continue to advocate for peace in Italy.
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Addams argues the point that women need the right to vote in all national affairs to force the issue of peace, and to help prevent future wars from happening.

Addams discusses the International Congress of Women's stance against war and the role American women play.

Addams retells the events of the day, April 29th, at the The Hague Convention. Issues Addams details include peace and arbitration for ending World War I.
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Addams congratulates the delegates for their work, discusses the Congress' findings, and calls for a greater spirit of internationalism. She notes that the task falls to women to complete.
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One of Addams' cabled reports to the New York Times, relaying events at the International Congress of Women.

An interview with Addams, by Marshall, right before she leaves for the The Hague peace conference. In this interview Addams discusses the importance of the conference and of women's peace movements.
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Addams announces a public meeting in Amsterdam during which leaders of the International Congress of Women will discuss , noting public support for peace.

Hamilton details the various reactions of women from European countries to Addams' lectures.
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Addams reports that the International Congress of Women believes that the sinking of the Lusitania must bring neutral nations to work to end World War One.
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Addams and Lochner retell the events of the International Congress of Women.

Addams tells a reporter from the Manchester Guardian her impressions of the International Congress of Women. A short summary of her remarks at Kingsway hall is also included.