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Addams tells stories of pioneers in Chicago that her father told her.

Addams discusses the history of suffrage and argues that women in modern, urban societies need the vote.

Strauss outlines the genealogy of the Reeser, Bechtel, Addams, and Scharff families for Reeser. Addams received a copy of the letter.

Addams recounts a story depicted in a children's play at Hull-House, which she offers as an allegory about the importance of women in society.

Lee thanks Addams for her statement in the article Has "Has Emancipation Been Nullified," and praises Abraham Lincoln, and discusses slavery and the virtues of liberty.

Addams tells Tracy that her family misplaced letters to her father from Abraham Lincoln letters.

An Albanian women writes an appeal to spread word of the condition in Albania and send relief.

Kurkjian provides a history of the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia as a justification for independence.

Addams discusses the stigma placed on illegitimate children at a Children's Bureau conference that explored legal protections for illegitimate children. The speech was titled Women's Special Interests as Issues in the National Campaign at the conference and published with a different title.

Apcar tells Addams about the massacre underway in Armenia and asks her help in getting the word out.

Dodd suggests some ideas to Addams about a chapter of the manuscript for Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Addams tells Cederborg that her memories of Anna Sill's papers won't be of use in her study of Rockford College.

Addams answers a prompt about changes in the last 25 years by discussing the impact of war.

Addams answers a prompt about changes in the last 25 years by discussing the impact of war.

Information about the work of the Thomas Jefferson Centennial Election to preserve Monticello and celebrate the Jefferson anniversaries.

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