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Emerson discusses the role of education in a lecture to the Masonic Temple in Boston.
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Addams describes the efforts of Hull-House in a speech to the Sunset Club in Chicago.

James invites Addams to speak at the American Academy of Political and Social Science's extension program for 1901-1902.

Addams discussed the role of schools in preparing children for life in a speech at the Ethical Society.

Addams argues that the proposed apprenticeship system needs to be remodeled before it will be effective.

In a speech in Chicago, Addams warns female students of their future after graduating from college.

Hollis writes to Addams, discussing prospects for Dorothy Reynolds and noting that Alice Keyes is concerned for Reynolds.

Addams criticizes trade schools in an address to the Chicago Institute.

Writing to Blaine, Addams recommends Clara Landsberg for a position at the Francis W. Parker School.
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Addams discusses the challenges facing college women, including the habit of self-preparation, a tendency to make an exception of herself, and the danger that study without action makes a person timid and irresolute. She argues that there is a need to do and to do for others without concern for one's own reputation that makes for good Christian work.
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A draft of Addams' article about the challenges facing college women who want to contribute to society.
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Addams discusses the challenges facing college women who want to contribute to society.

Smith writes to Kelley regarding education expenses for Sara as well as on the health of some of Kelley's friends in the neighborhood.

Addams provides an overview of the activities of the Hull-House Labor Museum, complete with illustrations of weaving. The sixteen-page report discusses the weaving and cloth-making techniques of various immigrants who live in the Hull-House neighborhood.

Addams writes Haldeman about dressmakers in Chicago, plans for the summer, and Weber Addams' condition.

Addams updates Haldeman on the progress of their nephews and nieces.

Addams and Bodine discuss changes needed in compulsory education rules to make them more effective.
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Addams discusses the role of neighborhood centers can play in fostering community.

Addams writes Haldeman about Bryn Mawr as a possible college for Marcet Haldeman.

Addams writes to make arrangement to see Haldeman and about plans for the summer.

Marot writes Addams about the possibility of teaching in Chicago over the summer and residing at Hull-House.

Addams writes Haldeman about possible colleges for Marcet Haldeman and reports on her recent trip to New York.

Pettit writes to Addams about her trip to the Kentucky mountains to visit the mountain schools.

Addams asks for Haldeman's help with Sarah Young's baby and invites her to summer school at Chautauqua, New York.

Addams writes Blaine with news of taking the Rockford Summer School to Chautauqua, New York, and asks for an opinion of the chapter Educational Methods from Social Ethics and Democracy.

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