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Addams tells Jodai about the upcoming international peace conference and sends greetings to Japanese friends.

Omori tells Addams about the Japan after the earthquake and asks her to help relief efforts.

Ploennis asks Addams for help raising relief funds for employees of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

Kawai thanks Addams for the etching of Hull House and discusses relief efforts after the earthquake.

Lewis welcomes Addams home and updates her on some of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's plans.

Paterson tells Addams how glad they are that her health is improving and about asks her to meet with a friend traveling to the United States.

Gobat updates Addams on the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's office and the League of Nations meetings.

Addams tells Jacobs about her illness and surgery in Japan and describes the effects of the Great Kanto Earthquake.

Taylor provides Addams with a report of the Chicago Commons' work for July 1915. Addams was a trustee of the settlement.