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Lazareff writes to Blackwell while sailing to Europe about bolshevism, communism, socialis and democracy m in Russia.

Glücklich describes the worsening political situation in Hungary.

An editorial supports most of Charles Ferguson's takes on radicalism, but does not support his idea that colleges promote radicalism.

Wærn-Bugge writes to Balch regarding international recognition of Soviet Russia.

Prenter updates Balch on Women's International League for Peace and Freedom activities in Canada and discusses her rationale on peace and economic justice.

McDowell tells Balch about planning for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Summer School in 1923 in Czechoslovakia.

Everett attacks the Child Labor Amendment as un-American, dangerous, and radical and associates the movement with Bolsheviks.

Balch warns Welsh that his comments about the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom are false and libelous. The letter was drafted on October 31 and may have been sent on November 9.

Butts writes Addams about her fears of communism, fascism, and violent ideology and recommends the creation of an International Peace Bureau.

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