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Addams discusses the settlement house's role as a charity and the means by which it appeals to the poor. She spoke at the Decatur Chautauqua.

Newspaper summary of Addams' comments about the need to increase the work of settlements to meet need.

Lindsey writes Addams to introduce her to Denver men who are traveling east and expresses his appreciation for any courtesies that Addams will show them during their visit.

Lindsey writes Addams regarding members of the Denver Charity Commission who are traveling in Chicago and asks her to meet them. Lindsey also reports on his successful election.
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Addams co-wrote the Hull-House entry in The New Encyclopedia of Social Reform, covering its history and accomplishments.

Addams writes to Harper about the Children's Aid Society in Chicago and Harper's desire to help children.
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Addams reports on Hull-House's facilities and social services on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary, providing a sense of the costs of maintaining buildings and programs, and ending with an appeal for financial support.

Princess Alice writes Addams looking for aid for homeless British women in Paris.

Schiff writes Wald about his disagreements with Edward T. Devine, who holds the Schiff Chair of Social Economics at Columbia University.

Breckinridge sends Feagin a copy of the Settlement Bibliography as a resource for researching Chicago philanthropic women.

Addams and Nicholes ask Blaine, along with other members of the Woman's City Club, to encourage their aldermen to attend the Child Welfare Exhibit in Chicago.

Addams expresses her concern to La Follette that the After School Club is not a charity.

Barrett thanks Addams for her articles about prostitution and explains the work of the Florence Crittenton Mission.

Clarke praises Addams' series of articles in McClure's Magazine and shares the three principles she employs in her work with unmarried mothers.
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Addams discusses the weakness of civil service as a force for humanitarianism, detailing the shortcomings of the public takeover of efforts that were previously in the domain of private individuals and charities.

Addams declines Sedgwick's invitation to write an article on the Salvation Army for one of his magazines.

An application for endorsement as a charitable organization from the Chicago Association of Commerce.

Ware asks Addams for advice for a fundraising visit to Chicago to benefit Atlanta University.
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Addams spoke to the City Club about the unemployment crisis, explaining the role of Hull-House in providing space for public debate on the issue.

Boardman writes to Addams about the work the Red Cross is doing during the war, and hopes that nations would stop fighting each other.

Stewart informs Addams of an endorsement by the Subscriptions Investigating Committee and the proper format for referencing this endorsement on paper.

Addams discusses Raymond Robins' assignment in Russia and Hull-House affairs.

Addams asks McCormick for a donation to a fund run by Hull-House.

Stewart tells Addams that the Chicago Association of Commerce's Subscriptions Investigating Committee has endorsed Hull-House.

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