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Newspaper coverage of Boardman's statement criticizing Addams for her partisan work with the Progressive Party and Addams's response.

FitzGerald describes a contentious meeting of the Massachusetts branch of the Woman's Peace Party over suffrage.

Boardman writes to Addams about the work the Red Cross is doing during the war, and hopes that nations would stop fighting each other.

Pringsheim seeks Addams' help in obtaining English-language books for prisoners held in Germany.

Hamlin asks Addams whether the Woman's Peace Party can Mexico by sending clothing and food.

Addams tells Karsten that she agrees that peace workers should be willing to do Red Cross work if the need arises.

Karsten provides Morton with arious activities of organizations supporting peace and pacifism.

The Chicago branch of the Woman's Peace Party suggests that pacifists work on food conservation, child welfare, better conditions for soldiers, a defense of civil rights and plans for financing the war.

Karsten updates Cumberson on plans for the Congress After the War and questions the California branch's decision to serve as a Red Cross unit if needed.

Haldeman describes her first few weeks of motherhood and the help she has received.

Gale sends Addams her views on how the Woman's Peace Party should react towards requests to help with war relief.

Gale asks Addams whether she supports the Second Conference for Democracy and Terms of Peace and asks for a reaffirmation of the goals of the Woman's Peace Party.

Gale asks Addams to send a statement reaffirming the goals and purpose of the Woman's Peace Party to each branch to ensure they don't lose their way.

Addams tells Fabbri that she cannot donate to the American Red Cross because she is already contributing to it in Chicago.

Henderson describes pro-World War I propaganda and tells Addams that he now supports peace.

Addams discusses Raymond Robins' assignment in Russia and Hull-House affairs.

Karsten tells Daly more about the Woman's Peace Party and the group's activities and initiatives.

Kellogg tells Addams that he plans to go to Europe and asks for letters of recommendation. He also discusses issues concerning the Survey's article on conscientious objectors.

Winter asks what the Berkeley Woman's Peace Party can do to end wartime crimes.

Addams seeks to discourage Linn and his wife from volunteering in a more active role in the war.

Mead complains about a New York Times article that she believes misrepresents the Woman's Peace Party.

Kellogg sends word to the Survey's National Council about how the Red Cross is using Paul Kellogg's Venice article.

Kellogg tells Addams that he is back at work and sends her pamphlets on his work with the Red Cross.

Addams thanks Kellogg for his Red Cross books and praises his work in Europe.