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  • Mentions: Kellogg, Paul Underwood (1879-1958)

Seltzer tells Addams the difficulties she had had in publishing Aletta Jacobs's memoir.

Smith tells Addams he will send her letter to Paul Kellogg and tells her that they are still waiting to hire a new editor.

Kellogg sends Addams a packet of Christmas cards from Survey Associates, Inc.

A pamphlet describing plans for a memorial of reconciliation at Bunker Hill in London.

Doty sends Detzer a list of the places she has advertised the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Congress and Summer School.

Gl├╝cklich sends Rathbone ideas about subjects that the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom would like to see discussed at the Committee on Traffic in Women and Protection of Children.

Addams tells Kellogg she cannot attend the Survey Associates board meeting in October.

Kelley asks Addams to write an article on child labor for McCall's Magazine.

Thomas weighs in on Addams' plans to publish research done by social settlements and suggests that he do a book on the race question.

Ingham updates Addams on the planning for the International Congress of Women.

Brenner asks Addams to renew her sustaning membership in Survey Associates.
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Addams tells Lasker about her efforts to meet with Gandhi and her investigation of political activity in India.
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Brenner sends Addams a letter from Bruno Lasker and sends news of Paul Kellogg's health.

Lloyd asks Brenner to arrange a Survey Associates meeting for a time when Addams will be in the area.

Brenner asks Addams whether The Survey can drum up support by holding a Chicago luncheon meeting at Hull-House.
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Addams tells Latham that she does not want any delay in the publication of Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Addams tells Latham to publish Peace and Bread in Time of War as soon as possible.

Shaw confirms with Addams plans for a short article in the Survey-Graphic on the Washington Conference.

Addams sends Barnett the Irish Commission report and talks about Britain's role in Ireland, and Barnett's housing scheme.

Post explains the issues facing American efforts to bring relief for prisoners of war still held in the Soviet Union.

Merriman tells Addams about the efforts of the League of Free Nations Association to raise funds.

Addams tells Kellogg she will attend The Survey board meeting.

Thomas thanks Addams for attending the Friends meeting in Philadelphia and updates her on relief efforts in Europe.

Kellogg tells Addams that her proof corrections were made.

Taylor asks Addams to review Henrietta Barnett's new book, Canon Barnett: His Life, Work, and Friends (1919) for the Survey.