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Ware invites Addams to visit while she is in Atlanta to give a commencement speech at Atlanta University.

Karsten has returned from a two week institute and has a great deal of information to share with Addams about the peace movement, including potential meetings and strategies.

Thomas and Karsten will be out of office and will be leaving Nichols in charge.

Karsten explains to Shelley why Richards is no longer able to visit Chicago.

Boynton updates Addams on her time at Maison Internationale and her travels through Italy.

Slayden wants to know when Addams will be visiting Washington, and explains a plan which her friend has in regards to the end of the war.

Balch tells Blake why she cannot attend or assist with the Summer School due to her sister's health.

Balch reports on efforts to send telegrams and procure clearance to land in England.

Balch updates Addams on her travels in Africa and Europe and discusses Vilma Gl├╝cklich's resignation.

Balch tells Addams that due to her sister's illness she will not be able to travel in the summer.

Dr. Jacobs has arrived in New York a day early and Balch reviews the plans to visit Wilson. Jacobs wants to see Addams before her potential visit with Wilson but it is possible that this will not happen.

Balch tells Addams about her ideas for a trip to the Balkans to organize Women's International League for Peace and Freedom work.
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Balch tells Addams about her trip back to Geneva and updates her on Women's International League for Peace and Freedom finances.

Balch updates Addams on her planned travel in Eastern Europe.

Balch asks Addams for guidance on issues to be discussed at the upcoming Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Executive Committee meeting and discusses her travels in Europe.

Balch tells Addams about her ideas for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's future and staffing and discusses her travel plans.

Balch explains her inability to travel to Philadelphia.

Balch writes to Addams regarding various financial situations which need to be resolved for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom as well as detailing her visit to the United States.

Hobhouse writes Addams that she traveling to Leipzig, Germany, with a few other doctors.

Macnaghten tells Addams of her travels in Japan and her plans to visit Canada.

Macnaughten asks Addams for help in securing entry to the United States for an extended tour.

Wallas asks Addams to meet his brother in law, J. H. Muirhead and advise him on his planned trip to the United States.

Thomas asks Addams to get a message to Emily Greene Balch before she sails.

North sends Addams wishes for improved health and tells her visit to Montana.