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Schwimmer will be in New York City reporting on the peace movement and has been in contact with many of the leaders in the movement.

Schwimmer sends a telegram to Addams requesting stationary for international correspondence as well as giving the dates and locations that she will be speaking.

Shaw thanks Addams for being selected as a member of the Cooperating Council of the Woman's Peace Party.

Schwimmer wishes to discuss multiple aspects of the Woman's Peace Party with Addams, including possible lecturers and platform issues.

Addams' secretary responds to Flexer's note about the trip to The Hague.

Jordan replies to Addams' letter about her trip to The Hague and asks if she would be available to visit on certain dates in August.

Hamilton describes the trip to The Hague being undertaken by the delegation of women for the International Congress of Women.

Balch reports on efforts to send telegrams and procure clearance to land in England.

Dr. Jacobs has arrived in New York a day early and Balch reviews the plans to visit Wilson. Jacobs wants to see Addams before her potential visit with Wilson but it is possible that this will not happen.

Jacobs updates Addams on the arrival of Balch, Schwimmer, and Macmillan in New York.

Schwimmer hopes that Addams is feeling better and will be leaving New York after Friday to visit.

Macmillan and Schwimmer are not sure how the committee can meet unless Addams travels to Chicago, especially since Jacobs must leave the country soon.

Schwimmer asks Addams to travel to Chicago for a meeting because Jacobs will not travel to Maine, where Addams is at this time.

Ford informs Addams that despite rumors, the Oscar II is still set to sail on December 4th. He asks that she continue the process of getting her passport so that she may accompany them.

Hull asks Addams if she thinks Ford's peace group and the Central Organization for a Durable Peace should be combined.

Haldeman is traveling and tells Addams about what she saw on the observation deck of the train.

Jordan has little hope for the meetings that United States officials are having in Europe.

Addams relays her reason for being away from Hull House to Jacobs, and discusses plans for the Europe conference should she not be able to attend.

Addams expresses frustration to Schwimmer regarding her illness, as it proves to be a major inconvenience in planning the international committee meeting, and has hindered her from traveling to Europe with Ford's peace ship.

Grasse asks Addams if she would be able to send her some books for her voyage to Europe.

Addams informs Haldeman that she may have mistakenly sent her a transcript, and gives general updates regarding her time in Colorado.

Addams updates Jacobs on Balch's travel arrangements.

Addams writes to Lloyd saying she is feeling better and will be in Chicago soon.

Thomas asks Addams to get a message to Emily Greene Balch before she sails.

Addams hopes that Balch enjoyed her time with Ford. She will write to Schwimmer when her boat arrives, although it may be late.