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Alvarado and Rosales announce a party of temperance organizations to be hosted by Jane Addams.

Harris asks Addams's advice about creating a series of lectures on vice and its causes.

Tyler sends Addams the appreciation of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and wishes her speedy recovery.

Webster introduces himself to Addams and his company, World's Peace Film Co., and explains how he and his company are suited to promote peace.

Hayler asks Addams to become a Patron of the All Nations Bazaar.

Addams writes Harrison about the problem of a Greek saloon across the street from the Boys' Club at Hull-House.

Addams and seventy other prominent club women write President Coolidge asking for better enforcement of prohibition laws.

King questions Addams' support for Theodore Roosevelt and is sharply critical of his party's rejection of a strong temperance platform.

Meyer hopes that Addams will support the temperance movement in Chicago.

Bryan suggests to Addams that women might support a campaign to remove warlike toys from households.

The Leitch sisters discuss slavery in the United States, colonization by Great Britain, and alcohol as great evils.

Angered by the distribution of rum to poor nations, the Leitches ask Barton to write an article that makes a religious argument against nations that are harming poor countries.

Leitch complains about the amount of rum being distributed around the world.
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Addams argues for the regulation of public recreation to provide safe venues for women, youth, and communities. This is the seventh article of a monthly, year-long series on economic and social reform in America and how women can affect change.

Addams notes the scene at a party given by the National Women's Temperance Association in Mexico City.
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Addams argues for the regulation of public recreation to provide safe venues for women, youth, and communities.

Sheba tells Addams about her religious beliefs that the current leaders of religion are corrupt and inept.

A summary of Addams's speech on saloons before the League for Political Education in New York argues for limiting, not stopping, the sale of liquor.