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Sheba tells Addams about her religious beliefs that the current leaders of religion are corrupt and inept.

Penfield sends a questionnaire on issues in the upcoming election and the best party to solve them.

Hamilton writes Addams hoping to conceive her to run for president of a committee.

Addams tells Smith about her work in the Congress and involvement with the Hoover team.

Addams explains the potential value of Levinson's skills and notes the role Women's Clubs will play in the peace agenda.

Upton tells Addams that she opposed the message that NAWSA Executive Committee sent to the government regarding the war.

Root discusses plans for peace and political education with Addams and thanks her for the Long Road of Woman's Memory.

Forbes criticizes individual members acting as if their views represent those of the organization as a whole. She expresses opposition to the Woman's Peace Party urging a national referendum.

Addams is delighted by Thomas's work with the Emergency Committee and wants her to organize a meeting.

Taussig admires the statement which Addams plans to send to the President.

Spencer approves of her name being included on a telegram to President Wilson.

Post is happy to contribute her name on a telegram.

Members of the Pre-Primary Committee urge Addams to communicate with her district's candidates.

Karsten tells Stokes that she has filled out cards regarding political candidates because Addams cannot do it in time.

The League prepares a questionnaire for candidates for the Illinois State legislature in order to develop recommendations.

Fox tells Addams about preparedness parades in Los Angeles and questions whether the organizers are profiting by the war.

Karsten writes to Patten about Addams's appearance at the House Committee of Military Affairs.

La Follette reports getting Thomas's telegram and is hopeful that Congress may support a Resolution gathering neutral nations for world peace.

Post relays the information about the fundraising needs of the Woman's Peace Party and sends charter members leaflets for them to use.

Tufts asks Addams to head a child labor committee in order to secure three measures.

Addams has enclosed a response to Amos Pinchot's request to provide words of support for his brother, Gifford Pinchot.
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Addams' November 30 address at the annual meeting of the National American Woman Suffrage Association discusses the meaning of suffrage, the changing political climate, and the connections between politics and social improvement.
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In this published version of a speech given to the Chicago City Club on November 7, Addams discusses party politics, the viability of independent parties, and the possibilities of women's role in municipal elections in Illinois.
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Addams discusses party politics, the viability of independent parties, and the possibilities of women's role in municipal elections in Illinois. This speech was given to the Chicago City Club.

On behalf of the U.S. Secretary of Labor, Malone invites Addams to serve on the Committee on Organization of the Congress on Social Insurance.