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De Rohan reviews Channing Pollock's play The Enemy.

Rice tells Addams that the men of Missouri and Kansas are unwilling to fight in wars without a referendum.

Jennison tells Morris that Addams is in Europe and can not answer his letter regarding the Chicago Peace Society until her return..

Balch tells Park that she thinks that requiring a peace a pledge of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom members might not be a good strategy.

Freed asks Addams for advice in helping a friend whose life has been derailed by his deserting the army.

Karsten tells Williams that the Woman's Peace Party is not incorporated, but she would send her some material on the subject.

Karsten responds to Oppenheim's request stating Addams would be interested in publishing an article in the Seven Arts, but may decline due to her health.

Karsten sends Ginsburg a copy of Addams' address.

Karsten sends Hunter Addams' pamphlet as well as other pamphlets from the Woman's Peace Party.

Hunter asks Addams to send the pamphlet, "Patriotism and Pacifists in Wartime".

Karsten sends White copies of Addams' article and informs her of the details of a conference.

Liddon asks Addams for information for a debate concerning the United States' response to Germany's violation of Belgian neutrality.

Addams tells Lochner how much she hopes he will get to share his thoughts during upcoming events and regrets that he cannot be present at the next peace meeting in New York.

Wald writes Addams that Survey Board members want to discuss Kellogg's anti-war opinions, and requests her presence at Tuesday's meeting.

Bryan expresses to Addams the need for a referendum to involve the general public in the choice of declaring war in hopes that the Government will recognize peaceful alternatives.

Gallagher informs Addams that he has received her letter and plans to reply to her views on the war.

Parsons goes over multiple points about the current climate around the war in Europe and how President Wilson can keep America neutral.

Balch notes that George Foster Peabody and George Washinton Kirchwey oppose a referendum on entering war.

McQueen advises Wilson to leave the decision of war up to the people through a referendum.

Unknown writers comment on Jacobs's issues with Addams and notes Headquarters' neglect in doing its duty, thus forcing Addams to take action.

Spencer expresses her excitement over the fact that the peace movement appears to be making progress.

Hamilton writes to Addams asking for her feedback on several ideas promoting peace.

Hamilton presents two ideas for the promotion of world peace and emphasizes the importance of the future generation in his plans.