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A circular sent to members of the National Council of Women to gather strength against a proposed Militia Pay Bill and increased militarism in the United States.

Addams agrees to serve on any Peace Committee that Jordan is involved in and tells him about the eagerness for a peace conference in January.

Addams briefs Wald on the current plans for the peace meeting in Washington and her hopes for what might be accomplished.

Addams discusses plans for a peace meeting, preferring to limit the participation to social workers and economists.

Addams details her plans to issue invitations to specific women's organizations rather than a general call for the upcoming peace meeting in Washington.

Pennybacker asks Addams how many she expects to attend the Women's Peace Committee in Washington.

Sewall asks Addams to join the Conference of International Women Workers for the Promotion of Peace, providing details on the group's aims.

Addams invites Breckinridge to a peace meeting in Washington.

Addams discusses the idea of forming a National Peace Committee of Women that would consist of various smaller organizations that fit the criteria uniting for a common cause.

Addams explains the Washington peace meeting, and asks if Brown can send women to represent the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Addams invites the recipients to a National Peace Conference of Women, in Washington, where she hopes to organize a national women-led peace committee.

Catt discusses an upcoming conference on woman suffrage and tensions in the movement regarding peace.

Addams tells Pennybacker that the upcoming peace meeting will likely be followed by a larger event.

Catt discusses the efforts of Helen Gardener and the Congressional Union and some confusion as to the upcoming peace meeting in Washington.

Armstrong discusses the updates with women's clubs in Pennsylvania and thanks Addams for speaking at a recent luncheon.

Spencer writes Addams about the Woman's Peace Party and the recent conference in Washington.

FitzGerald writes Addams regarding Susanna Cocroft's offer to send a copy of the Peace Party platform to her pupils and some minutes from the recent conference.

Thomas writes Post on behalf of Addams asking for the surnames and places of residence for some of the women who attended the Woman's Peace Party conference in D.C.

Paddock writes Addams and encloses a $5.00 check for her organization, Malone Political Equality Club, to join the Woman's Peace Party for the year.

Shaw writes Addams enclosing material (not found) and offers her service for the Peace Party.

Royden writes Addams expressing her interest in the Woman's Peace Party and the conference held in Washington, D.C. She informs Addams of the upcoming meeting of the National Union, who will be discussing resolutions about war and peace.

Leckie offers to head the publicity section of the Woman's Peace Party and cites her credentials.

Duryea describes wanting to meet with Addams in Washington and wanting to assist her in any way possible.

Leckie wrote to Addams that she would be glad to assist in the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams' secretary writes to Darnell thanking her for her interest in peace propaganda and for giving some suggestions.