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Royden speaks at length about the war raging in Europe, including the causes of the war and ideas about how to bring peace to warring nations.

Catt writes Addams about international relations and the future of the Woman's Peace Party.

Haines wants to know if President Wilson has received the peace petition from Addams' peace group.

Addams confers with Catt about who should correspond with international peace organizations.

Jacobs, et. al. invite Addams to a meeting of the International Women's Congress to be held in April at the Hague.

A pamphlet containing a petition from the Swiss Peace Society to the Swiss Federal Council, and the reply. The texts were translated into multiple languages.

Catt sends Addams a copy of a letter that Catt sent to Aletta Jacobs about various meetings.

Schwimmer resigns as International Secretary of the Women's Peace Party and discuss the way that Americans view the role of peace delegations.

Addams discusses the issue of who should lead the American delegation to the International Congress of Women.

Addams is disappointed that Wald can't attend the International Women's Congress and considers asking Maud Nathan to attend, but fears she might be pro-German.

Addams sends Wales a list delegates to the International Congress of Women and suggests that she present her peace plan there to secure support.

Addams's secretary says that Addams regrets that Fuller cannot attend the International Congress of Women at the Hague, and that she is concerned the German and French women might not attend.

Addams asks if the American Peace Society will send representatives to the International Congress of Women at The Hague.

Sewall thanks Addams for helping develop the program for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition and discusses the importance of the meeting.

Darling writes Addams about his hopes that the Peace Dove be adopted by the peace conference at The Hague.

Addams would like Hull to join the delegation to the meeting at The Hague as a representative of the Quakers, or at least to give her advice for their group.

DeGraff is welcomed to the delegation and is informed of Addams' travel arrangements.

McCreary writes a letter of introduction for Addams and Breckinridge.

Newton writes Addams, Abbott, and Breckinridge a letter of introduction.

Hamilton encloses booklets on The World Peace Postage Plan and informs Addams that he is prepared to send her copies if need be.

Jordan replies to Addams' letter about her trip to The Hague and asks if she would be available to visit on certain dates in August.

Hamilton describes the trip to The Hague being undertaken by the delegation of women for the International Congress of Women.

Hobhouse discusses ideas of peace with Addams and about her hopes for The Hague conference.

Addams discusses the difficulties in getting permission to sail to Holland.

Addams informs Page that forty-two Americans set sail on the Noordam and she requests aid with British Admiralty.